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At Tiny Tots Inc. our mission is to provide your child with a safe and secure learning environment while you are at work. We are very excited to become an important part in your child’s healthy growth and development.

  • Day Care Visit

Call or e-mail to schedule the initial visit. Observations are welcome after the initial visit; however we do limit those to no more than 20 minutes as we try to minimize the routine disruptions to the kids already attending Tiny Tots Inc.

  • Submit Application

Once you visited and observed the daycare, the application process begins.

  • Enrollment Forms Turned In

All enrollment forms need to be filled out before a child can attend Tiny Tots Inc. Once all the appropriate forms are turned in and the space becomes available, your child can attend the day care immediately.

All children are accepted on a first come first served basis. Priority is given to current children as well as their siblings during registration.